FALCONER - Chapters From A Vale Forlorn (2002) [Power Metal / Folk (SWE)]

Mathias Blad - Vocals and Keyboards
Stefan Weinerhall - Guitars and Bass
Karsten Larsson - Drums

Lead Guitar on "Busted to the Floor" by Andy LaRocque.
Piano on "Portals of Light" and Hammond organ on "Busted to the Floor" by Elias
Holmlid (Dragonland).
Violin on "Portals of Light" by Sami Yousri.
Backing Vocals on "Portals of Light" by Johan Wikström.
Flute by Sabine Daniels.

1. Decadence of Dignity 04:22
2. Enter the Glade 03:48
3. Lament of a Minstrel 04:13
4. For Life and Liberty 06:23
5. We Sold Our Homesteads 04:11
6. The Clarion Call 05:47
7. Portals of Light 04:07
8. Stand in Veneration 03:34
9. Busted to the Floor 04:16

Total playing time 40:41

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